O foolish man that I am,

To question the Sovereignty of God;

My knowledge is just a speck of dust ,

How can I understand the nature of God?

I do not even understand how the universe was created;

How  the majestic, mighty oak tree,

Begins its life from a tiny seed;

How  water exists in three different states at the same time?

When questions are unanswered,

The baffled mind is troubled;

More questions besiege the mind,

Till it just has to surrender!

FAITH comes to the rescue!

When questions are hard to crack,

And the mind is filled to the brim;

Leave the burden at the Cross,

Tell them to God in FAITH,

God will answer each one of them,

In His Own Time and Space!

I have no more unanswered questions,

As I have left all at the Cross,

Now my burden is lightened,

And I trust Him more!


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