It is  wonderful to behold,

The beauty of nature unfold;

In land, air and sea,

Nature is alive in every country!

Look at the beautiful butterfly,

Wings so pretty and fragile;

The  ugly and  fearsome crocodile,

Looking so harmless: floating like a log,

With jaws and tail  as powerful and strong like a rock!

The graceful gliding seagulls above the sea,

Can swoop a fish and flee!

The massive clumsy stately elephant,

On stampede can a man out-run!

The corals  like any dead rocks in a reef,

Are alive and growing like a cliff!

The lion and the horse with manly manes,

Are truly  gifts of  royal kinship and fame!

The rainbow arching across the sky,

Natural beauty of colours we cannot deny,

The awesome majestic oak tree,

The massive water-spouting whale,

The amicable agile seal,

All these and millions more,

They are all Nature’s beautiful ambassadors!


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