Just the other day, my group of senior citizens were just discussing if new things  were better than old ones. Many of them were divided because each had experienced the positive outcome as well as the negative outcome.

This is an interesting discussion. I am sure many of us have also experienced the positive as well as the negative aspects! Some wise readers will say it all depends on the circumstances or events that we are in and what it is that we are talking about. That is a very logical way of thinking. That is good. Let us check  the following simple everyday experience that all of us have been through:

IS A NEW COMB BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE? How would you rate this one. Yes/No.

An old comb loves and treats your scalp and hair with tenderness and care while the new one scratches your scalp and tears your hair!


The old pair of shoes treats our feet with great respect while the new ones fight and batter  our feet till they are sore and blister!

A NEW BROOM SWEEPS  WELL. There will be a great divide on this one.

Although a new broom sweeps very well, it will definitely leave a lot of fresh scratches on the surface! Only after a period of time, it will be status quo with the old one!

THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM. This sounds great! We always think that the early birds will get all the best things. You will be in for a shock!

In our food centre, never be the first few to queue up to buy chicken rice! Why? The food-seller usually mixes the left-over of last evening rice with the fresh ones to the first few customers. The best position to be in is the mid-stream. Everything will be fresh! So, An early bird catches the worm but it also faces the danger of being the first to fall into a trap.


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