All of us make many decisions every day. Some are very important ones but some are of no importance. Nevertheless, we have to decide in order that things or events can go on smoothly without a hitch!

What are the pitfalls of making a bad choice? There are numerous . Among the most common ones are:

  • Making a rash decision  when we are short of time. In our haste, we do not think  it over carefully, weighing the pros and cons!
  • Making a decision when we are angry. When we are angry, we cannot think well. Our anger blind us  to facts  and logic. Do avoid making any decision in anger!
  • Making a decision just for the sake of revenge. This is the worse reason for making a bad decision. A hasty decision on revenge will implicate more difficult and serious consequences later on.
  • Making a decision when the options are unclear. Do not make any decision if there is just two options given. Do find or work out more alternatives – perhaps, consult some one whom you know who would be able to help you out.
  • Making a decision just to please or satisfy others. Never do that intentionally or you will regret making it for the rest of your life. A decision once made may affect our whole life. Do think carefully before you want to satisfy others.

I have just listed 5 common pitfalls. There are many more. Do remember that it is very difficult to make a good decision but it is very easy to make a bad one. Think carefully. Consider the various options. Consult others for advice………. There are many other ways to make a good decision.

I  hope all of us make good decisions every day!



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