Q and A with a Difference!

I just have 10 wordwit Q and A to tease your mind. Put on your thinking cap!

  1. Do you know the name of the largest species of ant that is in the world today?   Answer: Eleph-ant!
  2. Why is the kettle bubbling with joy?  Answer: The water is boiling!
  3. Where do fishes deposit all their money?  Answer: In the river banks!
  4. When will a balloon fly? When it is high on helium!
  5. Coal is black. Why does it turn red when it is burning?  Answer: It is consumed in love.
  6. What did the elder identical twin say to his younger sibling? Answer : You are still putting on my face-mask!
  7. Why do we say that snails are proud creatures?  Answer:  They have eyes above their heads.
  8. What did all the campers sitting around the campfire agree on? Answer : They are full of hot air!
  9. Does a cat play any game with a mouse?  Then, why do human beings play a cat and mouse game with one another?
  10. When you are given a$10 note and a $5 dollar, which one will you take?  Answer: Both.

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