When I was in school (that is a very long time ago) I used to procrastinate. You may ask the question why because many people think that procrastination is the theft of time; but I don’t!

I am a unique individual who can and will work well when I am under pressure. Without any deadline or with much time to spare, I usually do a very lousy job. When I have finished a project earlier, I would spend fruitless hours and days to change and correct my style thinking the new one is better than the one I did. Finally, when the time came, the project did not score as much as I had thought.

When I delayed in doing the project and spent time in churning it over my mind, day in and day out, and finally, I sat down to write and complete the whole project, I realized that I scored better marks.

So, that is why I always leave it to almost the last minute to complete my assignments. It has become habitual. I do not know why if I have finished it any earlier, I would tend to re-do and re-write it over again, because I think that it is not good enough!  Funny, isn’t it? I do wonder any other person who is just like me out there?

Of course, sometimes I really encounter great difficulties to complete my work. That is the time I always blame myself for leaving it to the last minute. So far, I am very fortunate that I could burn the midnight oil just to hand over the work before the deadline is up and I will promise myself not to repeat such stupid habit. But I always fail to keep it!


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