Often times, we are baffled by many life’s situations that make us begin to question God why such and such an event happens. We may have the right to ask God, but He is Sovereign. He can see the whole picture. We can only perceive a small fraction of it!

Lum's space

Sometimes I do wonder,

Why did God create Man,

Knowing that Man would be disobedient.

Does God need Man to have fellowship with,

To praise, worship, honour and adore Him;

Has God ever regretted for creating Man,

Or is it His oversight?

God is Sovereign,

Beyond the question of mortal Man,

His Ways are far superior than ours;

So are His Thoughts!

Though I cannot find the answer,

I still believe and trust,

That one day these questions shall be answered,

When we meet Him face to face!

This then is my faith like a mustard seed,

And He will answer all my needs!

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