There is always war between the sexes and among living things.

Just the other day, a couple was arguing between themselves and the topic was: Is there any equality in life?

What do the readers think? I will leave you to answer the question yourself.

Perhaps, the poem below ( I wrote it a long time ago ) may start you thinking.

When our fingers are of different lengths,

Where does equality begins;

When physical endowments are different,

How can individuals compete?

When connections and positions are important,

Where can we find justice?

Alas, when there is no standard norm,

Where can we have equal footing?

In life there is no equality

When the rich and poor differs,

When the mighty coerces the weak;

There is no justice,

When the laws discriminate!

Man and woman fight for equality,

In their efforts to lead,

In the dream-world of their own,

Creating a phantom environment;

With self hypnotism they pursue,

A just and perfect world in a bubble!


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