Loneliness is fearsome,
When we are isolated singly;
Either physically or mentally,
It is a suicidal breeding ground,
Which tosses our heart-beats round and round!
How can we escape ourselves from such an imprisonment?
The latent strength is within ourselves,
Activate our will to fight and overcome,
The unseen enemy of fear!

None can isolate us,
When we kneel down to pray;
And prayer will drive away all fears!
When God lives in our heart
Who can stand against us?
None can separate us from the Love of God,
Prayer can break open the cocoon of loneliness,
Banishes away the fear,
And replace it with peace and calmness!

Do not be despair or discourage,
When God lifts us out from the gloom,
He will not leave us dangling,
But deliver us and set us free!



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