For every question there is an answer,
For every equation there is a solution;
In every experience there is wisdom,
Wisdom increases knowledge,
Knowledge to education;
Education is the key to being alive!

It baffles the mind if a question has no answers,
Or an equation without a solution;
Then wisdom and knowledge alters perception,
Perception leads to change;
Change will give rise to impermanence,
Impermanence will create insecurity,
Insecurity breeds uncertainty;
Uncertainty will give way to doubts,
And doubts will get mix up with rumours;
Rumours will include falsehood,
Falsehood will be taken as truth;
All these will lead us back to the question without an answer!

Education provides us the life skills,
To sieve, think, act or accept,
Ideas, thoughts and experiences,
For the good of mankind!


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