It doesn’t rain but it pours,

Flooding our souls with misery;

Till we can’t stand but crawl on all fours,

Overwhelmed and drowned in its flood!

Who can fight an unseen foe,

Mighty and ruthless in his attacks?

What weapons do we mortals have,

To defend ourselves from woe to woe?

Our amour of Faith and Hope,

Can only help us to endure ,

The pangs of pain and suffering,

And wait upon the Almighty,

To overcome such an adversary!

When a door is closed,

Two windows will be opened,

Only the dark clouds of despondence,

Block our vision of Faith!

In times like this,

How must we react?

Will our Anchor still hold,

Till we pass our test?

Our God is faithful,

His promises never fail,

He who feeds the sparrows,

Will never leave us in the cold!


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