What does BMW stand for?

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      Just the other day while chit chatting with a group of friends, I was and am very amused by this story of BMW? All of us will straight away think of the prestigeous brand of an automobile. But no; it isn’t. Here is the story:
     Once, there were two friends wooing the same lady. Since both of them were best of friends and they were gentlemen, they decided that they would play fair and square. “OK. Let the Best Man Win”, they compromised. Finally, the best man won and he approached the lady and asked, ” Darling, will you Be My Wife?”
      They both got married. A year later, she gave birth to a set of twins! “Oh dear! I’m not prepared for this!” the man wailed. The lady was more furious than the man and shouted at him with added unmentionable words. She started to nag…

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