This is always the norm in any relationship. When people give us a little, we will return a little. Sometimes, we cannot even return at all because we have nothing to offer back! Then we have to accept it in gratitude. In this life, I have very often received from many people and have very little to offer back. So, I am very grateful to all who have helped me along in this life!

This is also the same as “A tooth for a tooth; an eye for an eye.” It is the law of cause and effect. We always want to take our revenge when we are being harassed or bullied. But often times, it is difficult to exact a revenge at that moment. So we bottle it up and swallow whatever wrong that is given to us. But wait awhile. We shall take revenge when an opportunity arises and it will be sweet revenge!

That is exactly what my friend told me yesterday. She had the sweetest revenge on her neighbour recently just to see her suffer. She did not cause her to suffer, but others did. So she was overjoyed. She told me that she had harboured it for more than three years. What a long time to bottle up such a feeling all these years!

This is our human nature! Can we ever change it?

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