It is common human nature that we often criticize our friends and others whether we like it or not. Often, we are very quick to jump to a conclusion not knowing enough details.

Well, that is why our eyes can only see other people’s faults but fail to see our own. We need a mirror to see ourselves : but that is only our reflections! Strange, isn’t it?

That is why I do not like to mix with this friend of mine. He is so full of self righteousness! Mind you, he is a Christian! Whenever he sees cigarette butts on the ground, beside litter bins or any other places, he will always comment : I am sure these guys will not go to heaven!

Have you encountered such friends? As a Christian, he should know that going to heaven doesn’t depend on us not to litter or always do the correct thing. It all depends on whether we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour and that He has paid all the penalties for our sins: past, present and future! Going to heaven depends on God’s grace.

I know someone will be quick to point a finger at me that I am judging this friend of mine. Perhaps, so. As I have said from the beginning that it is common human nature! I can be criticizing myself too! Don’t you agree?


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