Many of us have experienced this feeling time and again. How are we going to deal with it when we are facing one?

Firstly, we must confront our “fear”. What is it? Fear of the unknown? If it is the “unknown”, then, there is nothing to fear about! Why is that so? When we do not know a IT, why are we afraid of it? It is irrational. If a child does not know what is pain at all, he will touch anything even though it will give him severe pain. But once, he has experienced pain and knows that it will give him the pain, he will not dare to touch it a second time. Hence, when we do not know what the unknown is at all, we should not be afraid of it!

Alas, we are all human and very imaginative ones! We will conjure all sorts of fear surrounding the unknown adding to our fear. It is because of this that we begin to shudder and frighten of what is to come! Analyze our fear, rebutt any thing that is fearful about it. Strip it to the core and we will find that there will be nothing at all to fear about!

This is the best way to confront all our FEARS! We must have patience and keep on using this method to eliminate it. When we do not succeed the first time, try again and again. I am definitely certain we will conquer ALL OUR FEARS!


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