I am read something written by Anthony De Melore : Awareness! He has written an intriguing piece of writing. His work really sets me thinking….
What is the difference between the “I” and the “ME” living inside of this body? The “I” is unique. It has a permanent self. I changes not. It is everlasting. The “ME” is always insecure. It is affected by the environment, what others say or do and it is always changing. But IT always cling to the “I” for help. IT wants the “I” to feel insecure so that the “I” will protect the “ME”. Crazy thoughts? Not really! It’s the TRUTH!

If only we could detach the “I” from the “ME”, then all troubles and sufferings will be solved. It is as easy as that!

When God posed the question to Adam why he had eaten the forbidden fruit, Adam put the blame on God and Eve! And when God posed the question to Eve, she blamed the Serpent for enticing her. It is not the “I” who did it! It is the “ME” who is disobedient! Get it?

So, from that day onwards, the “I” and “ME” scheme to blame each other whenever there is trouble or suffering! When the “I” does something good, the “ME” gets all the praises and glory. When the “ME” knows that danger and suffering is around the corner, the “ME” will tug the string to make “I” feel sad, worried and gloomy! “I” can be at the mercy of “ME” if the linking string is not cut off. “ME” has many dubious ways to make “I” feel insecure, uncertain and depressed! Fear not, there is a way out……..!

Believe in God and let Christ deal with the “ME”. Accept Christ into our hearts and Christ will replace the “ME” inside because the “ME” will be transformed into Christ. This is a mystery which is also a miracle which only God can perform!


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