What is a fence? Something used as a barrier to keep others out of our privacy! It can be a stone wall, wire fencing, hedges wooden planks…etc. The question is :why do we build a fence around us? To keep our own privacy, to protect ourselves from harm or hurt …….to keep our own sanity!

There are thousands of fences in this world. Physical fences (borders) are built to mark one’s territory and country to identify itself as a nation. We build a fence round our compound to keep strangers out! Besides physical fences, there are invisible fences we daily build to protect ourselves. Cultural barriers, racial barriers, religious fences,….and our own like – and – dislike fences.

We live in a cocoon like a pupa when we are afraid of interacting with others other than our own choice! Pain and suffering is life itself. They help us to grow and mature in time to come. Living in a small pond does not enrich our experience. We will be like frogs in a well! Don’t you agree?


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