Have we ever wondered why businessmen use these ploy? Objects that are once sold cannot be returned for cash or other things! This is for their protection. It also warns us that we have to think carefully before we part with our money!

Just the other day, my friend’s son just bought himself a new bicycle without his father’s knowledge. When the father knew it an hour later, he forced the son to return it to the shop. That’s where the trouble started! The shopkeeper refused to accept it.

He told the father, “Goods once sold cannot be returned for cash or other things.”

The old man was angry and asked why was that. The shopkeeper said, ” Once an item is sold, it grows old instantly and we don’t buy old things to sell. We sell new things – not second-hand goods!”

To cut the long story short, my friend reluctantly accepted the explanation and he scolded the son for buying the bicycle.

When we buy anything from a shop, it is new. But once we pay for it and receive it, the item becomes old instantly! Isn’t it funny?


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