When I first came into this world not by my choice, I learnt a few lessons when I was born. I was cosy and warm in my mother’s womb until I was suddenly being pushed out! It was the greatest shock then! A moment later, I felt a big hand spanking my buttocks and I started to yell and cry. While doing so, I learnt how to use my lungs, mouth and nose for breathing!

I was bewildered and felt strange. It was a different world! The surrounding was cold and unfriendly. I was slimy and dirty before I was given a warm bath.
Then I started to cry again because I was hungry. I was not given any feed. Instead, a tube was placed into my mouth and did a spring cleaning for me. I yelled loudly! Only after that I was given fresh milk to drink. While drinking the warm milk, I dozed off to sleep peacefully.

What did I learn from these experience on my first arrival onto this world?
1. This is a cold and cruel world.
2. Spanking teaches us how to survive.
3. Pain is suffering.
4. Sleep is the best medicine.
5. Crying will get what I need and want….

6. I need a bath to keep myself clean.

Well, I learn more and more as the days pass by. It has been more than seventy years now and I have not stopped learning. Learning in Life never ceases!


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