Someone used a very sharp knife to slice and differentiate the two words. There is a difference between “knowledge” and “wisdom”. Knowledge does not necessarily make a person wise. All of us have knowledge – either more or less – but are all of us wise? To some extent, the answer can be “yes”. All of us are “wise” in some areas – don’t you agree?

Knowledge does make a person wise. It depends on whether the person wants to use that wisdom and act upon it! For example, all of us know that “Smoking is bad for health and it may cause cancer”, yet, many of us do smoke. We have the “knowledge” and “wisdom” but we do not act upon it. But when one gets the cancer because he smokes too much, we’ll see him stop smoking instantly!

That is what happened to my friend – Eddie. He has tried many ways to give up smoking, but has not been successful. When his doctor told him that he has lung cancer, he immediately stops smoking – like magic! No withdrawal symptoms at all! This is what he says, “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”!


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