It is indeed very distressing to read about another shooting in US! What is happening to the American nation? It is supposed to be the leader of the world! Being such a mighty nation, yet such an event happens almost daily – more than one a day! When you cannot keep your citizens living in peace, how can you help other nations of the world?

Man’s heart and mind is deceitful! Who can understand it? We can do thousands of academic research on such tragic events but eventually thousands more will perish! By the time you discover the similar causes and effects, new ones will emerge. There will be no end in such studies and findings!

Do we have a cure for such a madness? The answer is a loud ‘NO’. There is no cure as long as Man’s heart and mind is not in line with the Almighty God! These are the signs of the end times. The Western nations are on the decline. The end of the world is very near!

What is the final chapter of 2015? It has its fair share of natural and man-made disasters. What will come will happen whether we like it or not. If you are given a “Wish List”, what will it be?


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