Surprise, if I were to say I am 1? Imagine if you are one, what are you going to write about? Do not mistake me, I do not mean ‘one year old’. I mean the number 1 (one)!

Physically, I will be standing tall and straight. I’ll be very independent and good at and in everything because I am first in all things. I will be the most famous and popular guy in the world. I am the best of everything. Now, I sense that you are having the green-eyed monster envying me! The positive attributes seem endless……

Now, what about the negative attributes? You can definitely detect that 1 is full of pride and boastfulness! Can we blame it?

Beneath the cloak of arrogance and pride, 1 is a very lonely person. In fact, he has no friends – bosom friends! To him, everyone is his competitor! He has to excel in order to be above every one else! So, how can he develop any good relationships with others?

Under the well physique, 1 leads a very stressful life! He has to be on his guard and stay alert 24 hours a day! He is very status conscious and will never rest until he is the very first in line of every thing or event!

1 is very self-conscious, selfish, inconsiderate…etc. These are some of the negative attributes of number 1. Do you want to be number 1?


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