One of my friends is poking my ribs and challenging me to write something about being number 2. He says that since 1 has taken all the good positive attributes, number 2 will have all the negative ones. I do not think so. If we use our imagination and creativity all numbers have good and bad attributes. So, it will take me a while to think about the good attributes of 2.

2 is a handsome guy or a beautiful girl. It can begin its life as an ugly duckling, but it will blossom into a beautiful swan!

2 knows survival skills. It sways and bends just to reach its target! Number 2 is above average intelligence! He is certain of achieving his goals in life. It has stability and is above board in all things!

2 does not exist alone. He is very socialable and have many good friends. He has found a soul-mate because 2 exists as a pair or a couple!

2 is also skilful in many ways. Though he is not the first, he occupies the second place. Many jealous person will say that he likes to play second fiddle! It looks like it but deed inside it, it is just bidding its time to be number 1!

2 indeed has a balanced outlook in life!


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