Some of my readers are narrowing their brows as they read my post. I must apologise to them for causing such a confusion. The two posts, ‘IF I WERE 1’ and ‘WHAT IF I WERE NUMBER 2…’, are personal traits according to numerology!

All of us are born with our own individual traits which are unique only to ourselves. These traits will build up to form our characters – be they good or bad. We often display and use these traits of ours to solve problems, to face difficulties and ….for self survival! We can either believe it, take it with a pinch of salt or just laugh over it!

I do not have any particular direction when I write the post for the day. It is just random work and thoughts on that moment of time. I seldom plan the things or events I want to write about. It all depends on my mood and the thoughts that surface when I am in the library and starting to write it. That is why sometimes the readers find it odd when reading my post. I hope I have clarified their curiosity!

Many of my friends have asked me to continue to write on the personality traits using numerology (only numbers 1 to 9). I may do it in the next few days because they may make dull reading! If I sense that many reading want to know more about their personal traits than I may continue writing.

I have taught readers how to find out their personal numbers using their names some time ago. If you have missed it and want to know how, you are welcome to write to me. Or search the archives and you will find it!


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