The number 3 is an articulate, intelligent person. One can identify or single him/her out in a crowd during a conversation! He is an all-rounder both in the arts and sciences. He is versatile and no work is too lowly for him!

He is independent, self-confident but unassuming! When numbers 1 or 2 cannot find a solution, 3 will definitely be able to solve it. He has authority but he does not use it often.

He is as stable as a tripod stand or a three-legged stool. He has good foresight and is able to discern fairly accurately about future events base on the knowledge he has. That is why we have a 3-in-1 God!

3 treasures his freedom. When young, he is hyper-active. Once he matures, he is able to handle his own attitude and behaviour.

Well, these are some of the outstanding traits of 3. Of course there are negative ones too but I am not going to write about them. That is the feedback I have received so far. Many of the readers are curious to know the positive traits so that they can know themselves and strengthen their personality. Negative traits serve as a warning.

We will be celebrating Christmas soon. So, BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL!


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