One is tall and straight,
Two a beautiful swan it makes;
Three is a flying bumble-bee,
Four is locked behind closed doors;
Five likes to sigh and sigh,
Six is never sick;
Seven is a door to heaven,
Eight is lying in bed;
Nine is always following behind,
Ten is always lending a hand;
Eleven is a double agent,
Twelve is where 1 and 2 dwells;
Thirteen is the first to be teens,
Fourteen loves to be seen;
Fifteen stands out in the dim,
Sixteen loves to do routine;
Seventeen occupies the highest beam,
Eighteen does magic which one has never seen;
Nineteen is never last in the team,
Twenty wraps all up to a T!

Keep on counting,
The year is soon ending,
Peace and Harmony the new year brings,
To one and all from spring to spring!


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