The star that shone brightly,
And led wise-men and humble shepherds to Bethlehem;
The host of angels proclaiming loudly,
The birth of a Saviour was at hand!
That star is still shining brightly,
But where are people now?
All too busy doing their own things:

Too busy doing shopping,
Too busy partying,
And too busy in money-making,

Too busy in quarrelling and fighting,
Preparing war and terrorism,
Just to flex and show,
Their strength and might!
Instead of peace on earth,
Sowing seeds of fear!

In our business,
We forget to pay homage,
And give thanks to the King of kings!
There is no room in our hearts,
To receive this joyful news,
Too occupied in our own deceitful ways,
Tearing to pieces God’s Heart!

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