Down through the centuries,
Stories have been told,
But none as so bold,
To proclaim that He comes from Heaven!
It is God’s plan,
That He comes in flesh and blood,
So that He be the Sacrificial Lamb,
To atone all the sins of man!
From Birth to the Cross,
He mirrors and demonstrates God’s Love,
A Sinless Man dying for the sins of men!
That is the purpose of His Birth,
We celebrate in jubilation,
There is Hope and Salvation,
To those who believe and accept Him,
All our sins will be forgiven,
As Jesus has paid the price in full,
Let Him reside in our hearts,
From Him we shall not be apart,
Let Him direct our life’s path,
With Him we shall not be afraid!
We know where we are going,
For He has gone before us,
Let us make the journey together,
From now we will not be apart!


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