What is the most important thing to us in this world? Money, fame, food, position,…? The list goes on. The most valuable and important thing to us is OUR BREATH! Without the BREATH, we die and will lose everything. So we must remember and appreciate the BREATH that we often take  for granted. The BREATH sustains our life.

How long is our life time? From the very minute when we are born into this world to the last BREATH that we breathe out! So how long is it? 50…70 or a hundred years?

It can be long as well as it can be short. A hundred years or a day. A life time is the total number of our days. A day can be our life time. The rising of the sun to its setting can also be our life time. The life-cycle of any living thing is its life time! A journey or a shopping trip is also a life time!

The year 2015 is slowly ebbing and very soon a new year will start. Let us take stock now at this very moment. It is a good exercise for us to look back and recount all that we have said and done: The joy and the heart aches, the dreams and the laid off plans….Rejoice and shed tears now.

After today, leave all these luggage behind. Travel light into the new year of 2016 with hope and faith. Look at the sun and all shadows will fall behind us. Let us get ready to begin anew!


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