Many of us love to receive than to give,
We are born with both fists clenched,
Trying to grasp all the things in this world,
With our two tiny hands!
It is our nature not to give,
As giving means a minus one from what we have;
It may cause us some pain or discomfort,
The feeling which all of us abhors!
But giving is divine,
It shows love, sympathy and sacrifice!
But giving must be from the heart,
Not by compulsion nor by force,
Without any malice nor any string attached;
The wealthy will give away money but not their time,
The poor cannot give money but their time;
Parents give gifts and cash to their children,
Instead of giving themselves in mind!
Let us follow the example set by God,
“Who loved the world so much that He gave…”
Let us use the blessings and comfort that we receive from others,
And give to those who are less fortunate than us;
In this way, the giving of blessings and comfort,
Will flow from others to us,
From us to others in a never-ending line!


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