Some of my friends asked me why I posted the simple childish poem below.
Well, I am using the original post to answer their question.

Horses can gallop; so can I,
Fishes can swim; so can I,
Turtles can crawl; so can I,
Birds can fly; why can’t I?
Lions do eat meat; so do I,
Rabbits do eat vegetables; so do I,
Penguins do eat fish; so do I,
Cows eat grass, why can’t I?
Canaries can sing; so can I,
Dogs can bark, so can I,
Hyenas can laugh; so can I,
Tadpoles can become frogs,
Caterpillars can become butterflies,
Mealworms can become beetles,
Become a fairy, why can’t I?
O why? O why? O why?

I wrote the above poem when I was about ten years old. I was in Primary 5 then.
As we studied the life and life-circles of animals, I was very curious to find out how tadpoles could become frogs and caterpillars be changed into butterflies! Our Science teacher allowed us to keep these creatures in our Nature Study Corner in the classroom and we had a wonderful and enjoyable time studying and watching them. At that time, learning was just fun. We could learn and remember facts even until this very day!

Then I started to question myself: why can’t I grow up to be something else? There is a big difference between a tadpole and a frog, a caterpillar and a butterfly or a meal-worm becoming a black beetle! That was my thinking at that period of time and I wrote my feelings in this poem. That is the reason why I re-edit this poem!


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