In Life we have to build walls as well as bridges depending on the occasion. We have to build walls in order to keep our own sanity! To protect ourselves from the intrusion of others, we definitely have to build walls. Also there are times we simply have to build walls just to have our own privacy!

Just imagine a home without any walls! A home without walls is not a home at all! Try to live in one of them and we shall know the difference.

When we build bridges, we are opening ourselves to any Tom, Dick or Harry to come to us, share what we have even to the extend of our privacy! Imagine a country advertising its intention of building bridges : Come to our country and share our wealth or what we have! Any wealthy country will attract all these foreigners from poorer countries to flock across like ants being enticed by honey!

I am apolitical. Let us try to build bridges for the present day refugees in our midst. But before we do that, let us try to find some answers to these questions:

1. Why doesn’t any country just open its doors to welcome all the refugees?
2. Who causes them to be refugees?
3. Are all of them bona fide refugees?
4. Are there any IS infiltrators?

Just let the Pope build all the bridges! If he is a Christian, he should ask God :
why God do you build walls in your kingdom? Why do you leave all the other people out to hell?
There are unseen walls even in the religious realms! Why don’t we break this barrier down as well!

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