I was curious when I read the headlines quoting the Pope: He is not a Christian………..
Just imagine. A proclamation by the holiest Roman Catholic Priest on this earth condemning someone with great religious authority “You are not a Christian!

I must declare and admit that I am apolitical and not a religious fanatic. But something inside me urges me to say or write something ( my two – cent worth of feelings!)

Is the Pope a Christian? My Roman Catholic friends will say a positive “No” ! They will say that the Pope is a Roman Catholic, not a Christian. A Christian is a Christian, not a Roman Catholic!

Then, who is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who is born again (religious jargon!). We acknowledge ourselves as sinners and that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for the redemption of our sins. When we believe and accept His death and invite Him into our hearts, then we are born again spiritually! We must experience the 3Cs – Conviction, Confession and Conversion! This is the first step to become a Christian.

But why do we want to be a Christian? I will have to leave each of us to answer that question…..


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