Is it easy to be God:
To listen to all the supplications of mankind,
To grant or with-hold His blessings,
To provide all the needs of His creatures?
His decisions have to deem just and fair,
Yet we spot unfairness everywhere!
Evil doers flourish here and there,
The poor are despondent and in despair!
Does God need Man’s praises and worship,
So as to gain favours from them?
If God loves His creations,
Why is there so much disillusions?
If we are God how will we act,
When human problems are too complex?
Only He knows what should be done,
We ought to trust His judgment!
Those who suffer will triumph one day,
All tears shall be wiped away!
Evil doers shall meet their doom,
The Lake of Fire will be their tomb!

Mortal eyes and mind cannot fathom,
Nor fully comprehend God’s wisdom!
All questions and doubts will be cleared,
When He bestows us His vision!


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