As I lie on the grassy lawn,
And gaze at the quiet night sky;
Hundreds of stars wink at me,
While the waning moon smile standing by!
I often wonder what it is like,
Living so high up in the sky?
Only the stars are my constant companions;
Will I not feel lonely in this vast expanse,
None to share this joy of mine?
Life on earth is almost the same,
But we have friends and foes to mix and match;
Our earthly life is still interesting,
If we know how to juggle space and time,
Friends and foes, likes and dislikes;
Loneliness is a feeling of the mind,
We can look forward to axes to be grind,
Or friends to share the woes of life;
Or load ourselves with piles of work,
Giving us no space to breathe!
Loneliness and boredom will kill our mind!
Rebelling and striving strengthen our will,
To live or die, is just a passing thought,
Live well before we die!


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