When I see the physically disadvantaged elderly,
Standing at a corner of a thoroughfare;
Selling tissues to passers-by,
Instead of cupping their hands to ask for alms!
My inward eyes are moist with tears,
Tears that are shed not for them but myself!
Am I not like them in this poor state,
Depending on others to feed and care?
This is the reality of life,
When old age takes us unawares;
Never have I thought I would be in such a state,
During my innocent youthful years!
When we are young and youthful,
We never give a thought that one day we will grow old,
Even with aches and pain in various joints and tendons,
We will boldly face the onslaught of old age!
Alas, our battered body gives way to chronic sickness;
When no medication can give the remedy;
Just lingering on the thin tread of life,
The last battle has to be fought!
Come what may, through hell and high waters,
I will grit my teeth and face the challenge!


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