I was taken aback a few days ago when one of my friends asked me what my mission in this life was! How would we answer that kind of question? Will our mission in this life the same in the secular world or in the religious sense? Are they not the same goal? Can they be the same goal?

It just reminds me of the time when I was trying to teach the lesson on Honesty. We always claim that ‘!honesty is the best policy’! But is it true in real life? There are always pros and cons.

Back to the question. Is our mission in this life the same in the secular and the religious sense? The answer should be in an affirmative! But then, there will be lapses here and there because we are very complex creatures.

When we uphold our religious believe, we become very fanatical – unable to tolerate others who do not share our belief! When we are tolerant, then we are not religious enough which our religion advocates. So, what should we do? Let the question be left unanswered?

I shall let you to think about it. Answer it quietly within yourself. Every one of us should have a mission in this life! For some, they have more than one mission whereas I cannot even fulfil my only mission in this life!


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