Last night my dream took me back to my hey days when I was about 4 years into the teaching service. That was a very long time ago more than a decade!

On the way to school that day, I saw one of my Primary Six pupils helping his younger brother carrying his heavy bag. The poor little boy was sleepy and tired. He was crying and refusing to carry his own bag. The elder brother coaxed him and helped him carry the bag and walked about a hundred metres to reach the school. I witnessed the scene quietly without the elder boy’s notice!

When I entered the staff-room that morning, I wrote a short thank-you note and then placed it on the boy’s desk in the classroom without anyone notice it.

The bell rang and after the Assembly, we walked back to our classroom. The boy was shocked to see a piece of paper on his desk. He read it and smiled. I was observing him all the time. Before the lesson began, I told the class what I saw that morning. I used the incident as a teaching point. We had an interesting discussion.

Then one of the boys had a great idea! “Why don’t we make a THANK-YOU-NOTE TREE on the notice board at the back of the classroom?” All the other boys agreed and they asked me for my opinion. Well, I was all for it! The boys worked fast and soon, within an hour our humble THANK-YOU-NOTE TREE was up and the note which I had written for that boy was the first to be pinned up!

To cut the story short, our Tree blossomed and grew each day.

There are many acts of kindness we witnessed each day even without any one saying a thank-you to the giver. Nowadays, when I witness an act of kindness, I always say a short prayer “MAY GOD BLESS THE GIVER!”


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