I just received a comment asking me if I want to get more “likes” to my post. I just wonder why is that so.

I write and post my work on social media. Whether people like it or not, it does not affect me in any way. Of course, if more people like my post, I will feel great. But it must be genuine. How can we pay someone or some company and we have ten thousand “likes”. This is dishonesty! Knowing it is dishonesty, how can we feel great about our own post? We not only pull wool over other people’s eyes but also our own. If no one reads my post or article, let it be so! I am just happy to be able to express my thoughts and share with others. Whether it is read or not being read is beyond my control. We do not need such dirty tactics to cheat others and blind ourselves thinking that we are well-known. I hope I will not receive such trash any more!

Then, there are others who write to promote their own business. They just want us to visit their post. That is the hidden agenda in posting their comment. What a sly trick! All these are also trash!

I am not familiar with the use of social media for such a purpose. I am IT illiterate. So I just write because I love writing. Whether I receive any likes or comment is irrelevant. I just want to share my thoughts. If no one reads it or only one person reads it, I am just as happy as a thousand has read it!

I have been encouraged to post more of my games because there are many people who find them interesting. I think I have posted many word-wit games and puzzles. I will continue to post some games or puzzles when I have collected enough to fill a few posts. Just be patient!


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