This is an interesting question! Everyone of us wants to know what is our future like? Is it according to what we have planned? Or is it totally different from what we have envisaged?

Who is so sure and certain that we have arrived at the future? The future is in the horizon. The nearer we endeavor to approach it, the future the distance. It is beyond our grasp! It is like tomorrow. When will tomorrow come? When it comes, tomorrow changes to today! Can we have today as tomorrow? We can only pull wool over our eyes when we say today is the tomorrow we have been waiting for!

When after our death, the future is still where it is. We have never been able to move an inch or a centimeter nearer to it! So we must not put our hopes in the tomorrow or the future. Just do what we have or ought to do today. Every day is the tomorrow of today and today is what we had done or completed our tasks of yesterday. Just live day by day. TODAY IS THE FUTURE OF YESTERDAY! SO, WE HAVE ARRIVED AT THE FUTURE WHICH IS TODAY! VERY PERPLEXING AND CONFUSING BUT IT IS TRUE!


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