Cancer is an extremely fearful disease! It is almost fatal! Some believe that there is a cure if it is detected early, but sooner or later it is a one-way ticket of no return!

I know of a family of six. Three of them has cancer. The youngest one died at the age of 10. That was many, many years ago. The second one was told he had cancer and he left this world just last year at the age of 50+. Now, the eldest of all (age 76+) has been diagnosed with the disease. Well, how do we counsel such a friend and the other members of the family? Of course, all of us form a support group for them, yet sometimes, words fail to convey our feelings. We can only give moral support and comfort in times of need!

Now, I am faced with a host of very difficult questions.

Does God give us cancer to bring us closer to Him? Is He a cruel God? Does He really care for His creatures?………Is God fair?

I really cannot answer all these questions. When such doubts arises, our faith seems to be shaken. Only God is Sovereign. We may not know the answer now, we have to hold onto our faith and believe and trust Him.


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