What a creative idea: Having a picnic at the library? We will never think of such a title or do such a thing. As if there isn’t anywhere to go for a picnic that we have to resort to go to the library! The library is a graveyard of silence! We cannot run about, talk loudly or to guaff at our jokes! We can’t even swim or immerse ourselves in the cool warm water in the morning!

Picnicking at the library is something different. We can wander through the alleys of books. We can swim in the different pools of topics – manga, picture books, fiction and non-fiction, philosophy……and IT books! When we are bored with these, we can use the computer to play games or watch movies. Who says that we have to swim? Go on an adventure with our famous authors or join the superheroes to fight crime! We have a thousand and one activity to choose from!

I am one of the guys who daily picnic at the Ang Mo Kio Library. You would be able to see this old man typing away on his old but reliable computer writing the post for his blog. Sometimes, I chat with fellow members at the cafeteria. This is one of the most convenient place to while away our time.

But the best of all gains is that it forbids me to smoke! This is one of the reasons I visit the library! Now, you know my secret. So if you want to stop smoking and while away your time fruitfully, do have a picnic at the library!


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