As long as I remember, none of us has ever thanked the librarians for doing and providing a very good service in our community. Yet, how many of us stop to say a “thank you” to these dedicated officers? Most of us take them for granted and they expect good and courteous service from them. Today, if you meet any librarian, please stop and give them a pat on the back for doing a good job.

At the Ang Mo Kio Library, at ten o’clock sharp, the sliding door of the library is opened to welcome visitors. We can see most of the officers smiling and standing at the doorway to greet members walking in. Three minutes later, we can hear over the PA system, “Greetings every one. We welcome you to our library. We hope you will have an enjoying time with us …..” The whole system is very professionally done – a good ethos for the library services!
It is indeed a very pleasant surprise when I first experienced such a welcome some years back. I don’t know if other libraries in Singapore have the same welcoming ceremony. If they do not have it, then I will recommend them to adopt it!

As we all know, being a service provider is not an easy task. The public is consists of many queer people whose demand and needs are different. The librarians have to deal with problematic students from secondary and JC colleges. Some are also undergrads from government and private universities. These students come in hordes and try to reserve seats and tables for their friends who will be coming later. Sometimes, they play a cat and mouse game with the librarians.

Then there are parents who allowed their children to run and shout in the library. The parents have not inculcated the correct behavior . Some even play hide-and seek in the aisles. Perhaps, the adults have to attend a compulsory course before they are allowed to bring children in.

The activities organize by the library are varied and educational. They not only cater to the young and old, but also serves as an information network for the elderly.

It is a thumbs up for our public library. I salute and thank all the library officers at the Ang Mo Kio Library. Thank you and keep up your good work!


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