My group of elderly friends was debating that there is a purpose in our existence. It is up to us to search and find it out for ourselves. Of course if we are religious or believe in God, we will find that there is a higher calling and it is up to us to response! What about those who just exist and live day by day? Do they have a purpose in life?

Let us look into the other species of the animal kingdom. Do they have a purpose in living? The answer (if they can speak would be) a “yes” or “no” . All living things exist because there is a purpose be it divine or otherwise.

Look at the humble existence of grass. Why do grass exist? They do to clothe the bare fields and hold the soil together from weathering by rain, running water or heat of the sun. They clean the air and add colour to the environment. Picture a scene of nature without grass – just bare soil. How barren and dull and monotonous! Do not forget that they are also sustenance for the herbivores! Without grassland, most of our herbivores will die of starvation!

Other animals provide meat, eggs and useful material for us. Those in the wild exist because they form part and parcel of the food chain or food web! The mosquitoes that spread disease and suck our blood exist as part of the food web.

Now, what about us? Why do we exist? Have we found an answer to this question. If we have not found an answer, then, why are we alive? What are we living for? Are we worse than all the other animals? Do find out why we are still living!


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