Many of us do not feel comfortable with new inventions – especially when we have grown too familiar with the old ones that we refuse to give them up! That is one of the reasons why we pile up junks in our store-rooms.
Life is always on the process of change. And that change is for the better! If it is for the worse, than abort it.

If we do not progress forward, technology will leave us way behind! Someone has told me that we cannot keep up with technology! There is some truth in that saying!

Nevertheless, the elderly must keep up with new inventions – knowledge as well as skills. We need to learn new skills to keep abreast in our working environment. That is why our government is spending thousands of dollars to those who are willing to take up courses to upgrade ourselves! We should not let it go to waste but use the opportunity to learn new skills or knowledge. My only regret now is that why doesn’t this opportunity given to us In the cohort) when we were younger and have the stamina and the brains to learn to upgrade ourselves. In out hearts, we know the answer.

Is it too late to upgrade ourselves now? The answer is a definitely negative one! Learning and gathering of knowledge is made more interesting to pursue when there is no examinations or pressure. We can do it at our own pace as and when we are comfortable. The only snag is that without pressure of examination, we become lazier to learn or remember. Perhaps, we have lesser grey matter in our brains but what makes it urgent or necessary to learn new skills?

Pursue it as a new hobby and we will find it more interesting. Though we may forget quite easily, we can go through the learning process gain and again. Never give up hope. Learning like physical exercise, is for the mind. When our brains are actively involved in learning it will remain young though our bodies may age before our brains!


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