There was a hot discussion last evening. The topic was “One person with different personalities”.

There are indeed different personalities cohabiting in us. There is the dominant one which displays most of our daily reactions. Then there is the childish one which makes us behave like a fool. At times, there is a carefree one which makes us feel free and relax. Then there is the worrisome one which, when activated, kills all the joy of living! The are some lesser known ones. The worst one is one which blinds us with anger and jealousy to the extend of resorting to physical violence!

All these personalities within us can be triggered off by external circumstances or events. The dominant one can keep the others in check before they surface. Sometimes, the it may fight a losing battle and there is when the trouble starts. All these battles of personalities within us is very complex and difficult to control except by prescribed medicine. Some drugs (if self-medicated) may help to release a different kind of personality altogether!

An insane man or one who is supposed to be possessed displays a varied kind of personalities. Mediums who allow outside spirits to use their bodies for manifestation can display hideous or fantastic personalities which can perform out of the ordinary actions.

It is true that there are a varied personalities living within us. That is why we have to guard and fortify ourselves spiritually!


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