Have you ever experienced living in a doldrum? I have many a time!

When we are living in a doldrum, we have lost our bearing and zest in life! We find ourselves drifting along daily not knowing where our destination is. Life seems to be meaningless. Perhaps we are burnt out! Funny feeling, isn’t it?

This is a very dangerous period in life. The sooner we realize the state we are in and try our level best to get out of it, the better our chances of recovery from depression! Some people like to procrastinate and love to remain in that state like having a respite after taking an LSD pill. Sailing without a rudder is indeed very difficult. How do we keep in the direction where we are going?

When we cannot snap out of it, we will need external help. Of course, it is easier and faster if we can do it ourselves. There are others who cannot. Then we should and must consult some medical personnel or experienced friends who would be able to us snap out of it!


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