My answer to the above question is very positive. Why? You may ask. How can we live day by day without having faith? We have faith in your loved ones, friends, neighbours, strangers, bus-drivers or taxi-drivers…and food hawkers – in things that are alive – even in animals which we keep as pets. We even have the faith in inanimate things and abstract ideas and thoughts, We practice or exercise our faith daily. Without faith we can never be alive!

When we put our faith in people, we may sometimes get hurt by them. Some of them do not live up to the full capacity of the faith we put into them. The same with inanimate objects. I have the experience sitting on a plastic chair in a coffee shop. The chair gave way because the plastic became brittle due to age. I almost fell sitting flat on the ground! So much for my faith in old chairs especially when they are made of plastics.

Faith and trust are synonymous. We put our faith in things or persons that we trust. Very often, we even place our trust on strangers too. Only when the person proves himself or herself otherwise, we will lose faith in him or her.

Well. this leads us to the question: Do we have faith in God? When we come to the spiritual realm, many will admit that they do not have faith in a Deity! Is it because we put our trust and faith in the things which we can see but not in things which we cannot see? It’s a hard question to answer.

A very good friend of mine does not believe in God. He does not have the faith in God but he has great faith in fortune-tellers. I really do not understand the logic. I would rather put my faith and trust in God rather than in a human being! Just answer the question by yourself. Do you have faith in God – not in a religion – but the existence of a being whom we call God? Alas, we may have reasons not to believe in God! Then where do we place our faith?


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