Over the years, the adoption of common practices slowly becomes the custom and norm of a certain group of people. Because it is practiced by a great majority of people, the custom spreads easily. Soon most of the people accept the practice and categorize it with other customs.

Rituals, like customs, have the same adoption. Over time, customs become rituals. Do all customs and rituals remain static. The answer is “No, they don’t”. People who want to have some power over others will want to bind the others into observing and practicing these customs and rituals – be they for the living or the dead!

Stories have been in circulation over the years of the consequences of not following the normal practice of customs and rituals. They are to frighten those who want to break away from such bondage and be free! But it takes great courage and determination to stand against such customs and rituals.

New generations find the rituals and custom of the fore-fathers binding and restrictive. So there is addition and subtraction to the normal practice. In time, these evolve into accepted norms – new versions of the old ones!

Do we and should we observe rituals and customs practiced by our parents and grandparents in this modern age? If they do us no harm but bind the families and relations closer, why discard such good practices?


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