It is a very difficult question to answer and it is very personal. When we believe that there is a God, must we believe in Him? Why is there a God? Why does He exist?

No one can understand and answer all the hundred and one questions. The idea that God exists or does not exist is very complex! There are infinite questions about God’s existence! Pro or against it?

When there is a creation, there must have a creator! We must begin with a thing. Then we can expand it. So God must be the beginning. He must have been and felt very lonely – being the only one around. So He started his hobby of creating things – both non-living and living things. He found that everything He created is good and works perfectly well! Then comes Satan! By the way, where did Satan come from? Satan must be one of God’s creation too. But why did Satan turn against God? When God created Satan, God will know that he will be the leader and tempter to lead Man’s fall from His Grace! Above all, why does He create Eve then, knowing for certain, that she would be the one to cause the downfall of all the creations?

Above all, why does God go around beating about the bush and plan an escape route through the Redemption Story?

Ah, our ways are not God’s way. Neither our thoughts are His thoughts! His ways are always right and correct. He is Sovereign! He is the Creator! Who is Man that He has to take such special care of him?

Well, I have not seen God but I know that He exists. He has blessed me since birth to this very date and hour. I do not understand or have all the answers to Life’s questions but one day I will ask Him when I see Him face to face!

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